• Statement

    Using the materials and techniques of fiber art, I create pieces that are directly tied to my body. I use different combinations of hand-woven fabric, hospital gowns, blankets, found fabrics, handspun, and found yarns. The process of making these pieces takes a toll on me physically. I create work that shows this struggle; quilts remain unbound and stitch drawings pierce the fabrics I have woven to represent my own body. Using quilt piecing techniques, I reflect on the complicated relationship I have with beds as being a source of pleasure, trauma, rest, and confinement.

  • CV

    Nicolepyles.com nicole.e.pyles@gmail.com 630.699.6480

    2018 Cranbrook Academy of Art, Fiber. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    2014 California College of the Arts, Textiles. Oakland, California

    2023 (proj.) Abstract Lunch, Lunchbox Gallery. Detroit, Michigan
    2019 Brook Becoming, Atom Art. Ferndale, Michigan
    2018 Graduate Degree Exhibition, Cranbrook Academy of Art. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    2018 Leftovers II, Forum Gallery. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    2017 Place[d], Spread Art Gallery. Detroit, Michigan
    2017 Leftovers, Forum Gallery. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    2017 Close to Comfort, Flophouse. Royal Oak, Michigan
    2015 From Back to Front, American Tapestry Alliance. americantapestryalliance.org/exhibitions/tex_ata/from-back-to-front/ Juried by Jessica Hemmings.
    2015 Foxy Funk Show, The Dojo. Chicago, Illinois. Juried by Emily Woods & Selena Boyer
    2015 Verse and Vision, Feed. Kankakee, Illinois. Juried by Christina Loraine
    2014 Warped Exposure, Los Medanos College. Pittsburg, California
    2014 Fiber Tales, Garfield Park Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
    2014 11th Annual Artist Lofts Open House, Switching Station. Chicago, Illinois
    2014 Sleazy, Kitchen Space Gallery. Chicago, Illinois
    2014 Shades of Impact, Worth Ryder Gallery. Berkeley, California
    2014 Another Type of Arousal, College Avenue Galleries. Oakland, California
    2014 Textilities, Oliver Art Center. Oakland, California

    “Featured Artist” Cultivate Gallery. Grand Rapids, Michigan (proj. 2023)
    “A Process Uncontained: Cranbrook Fiber 2008-2019” Cranbrook Academy of Art 2020
    “Nicole Pyles Weaves in Secret Code about Medical Misery” Dorothé Swinkles, Textiel Plus. 2019
    "Nicole Pyles: Sleazy." The Visualist. June 15, 2014 thevisualist.org/2014/06/nicole-pyles-sleazy
    "From Back to Front” Jessica Hemmings, American Tapestry Alliance. 2015 americantapestryalliance.org/exhibitions/tex_ata/from-back-to-front/.